Turn Your Wishes Into Plans

Turn Your Wishes Into Plans

Work with an experienced estate planning attorney in Laramie, WY

You may have already decided exactly what you want your will to say. You may not have given it a single thought. But unless you actually create your estate plan, no amount of planning will do you any good. Schedule an appointment with an estate planning attorney from Cook and Associates, P.C. in Laramie, WY by calling 307-745-7320 right away.

An overview of estate planning documents

Make sure your wishes are followed precisely through professional estate planning services. An estate planning attorney will help you create...

  • A will: This is the most common estate planning document. Your will outlines your wishes for the distribution of your estate after you die.
  • Trusts: Revocable and irrevocable trusts place your property in trust of a beneficiary during your life or after your death.
  • Powers of attorney: A power of attorney document names the individual who will handle your medical or financial decisions should you become incapacitated.
  • A living will: This document outlines your wishes for health care and end-of-life treatment should you become incapacitated or terminally ill.

Create your power of attorney document by visiting our Laramie, WY law firm as soon as possible.