Is Estate Planning Necessary?

Is Estate Planning Necessary?

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No matter your age or health, if you're over 18, you need an estate plan. Estate planning documents, such as trusts and health care directives, aren't just helpful to your family after you pass away. They also help you maintain control over your estate and health during your lifetime.

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What kind of estate planning documents do you need?

An estate planning attorney from Cook and Associates can help you understand each part of the planning process. Creating estate planning documents help you to manage your property...

  • When you're well: Decide how your property will be taxed and protect it from creditors and lawsuits through irrevocable trusts.
  • When you're ill: Make sure your property is protected, even when you're not able to manage your affairs directly, with powers of attorney.
  • After you die: Control who receives which portions of your estate by creating a will and trusts.

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