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Cook and Associates, P.C. is not a general practice law firm. We focus our practice on estate planning, business planning, and long-term care planning. Cook and Associates, P.C. is established in the community and has been providing estate plans for over 20 years.

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We believe in having a strong relationship with our clients. That begins with knowing something about us. Here are a few fast facts about Cook and Associates:

  • We opened our law firm in 1993 in Laramie, WY and have focused on estate planning since 1996.
  • We have helped thousands of clients develop their estate and business plans.
  • We know and understand the laws for Medicaid and VA long term care assistance.
  • We have three attorneys and can practice in Wyoming and Colorado.
  • We are long time members of WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel, national associations of estate planning attorneys.

If you are looking for legal guidance on estate planning, business planning, long-term care planning, probate or other related matters, call us at 307-745-7320.



Cook and Associates, P.C. can help with probate and trust administrations

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Estate planning doesn't need to be complicated or intimidating. Work with an experienced Estate Planning Attorney who can.......

  • Create Your Will:
    Your will is the most commonly known estate planning document. It provides instruction after your passing and can ensure the proper guardian if you have minor children.
  • Create Your Trust:
    A Revocable Living Trust is a comprehensive planning tool that will allow you to maintain control of your property during your life, in the event of your disability, and after your death. You have the flexibility and control to make sure you are taken care of, direct distribution of your assets and provide protections for your future heirs.
  • Plan to Avoid Probate:
    The probate process takes months or years to complete and takes money from your estate. By working with an Estate Planning Attorney, you can transfer most of your assets to your designated beneficiaries without going through probate.
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